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Suvidha kendra Services for the Modern Entrepreneur.

GST Suvidha Kendra® is one stop gateway which will help SME small and medium entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, individual with turnover above 20 lakhs to file their GST returns on time at a much lower fees charged by tax professional in India.

If you do not know much about GST, please Read Here.

For easy understanding, let’s understand with an example of an entrepreneur Mr. Ajay Gupta. Ajay wants to start a small business without any knowledge of various legal documents required. He asked for his friends’ opinion and was he was referred to a Tax Consultant who helped him out with a company registration process.

In this whole process, Ajay has to deal with so many things: GST or GSTIN, TAN, PAN, DSC, DIN etc. He had to spend lots of time and energy behind this lengthy process. He had to pay different fees for the same document as he dealt with several people engaged.


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