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Food License Services for the Modern Entrepreneur.

The FSSAI is a governmental body tasked with ensuring food safety in India. The FSSAI registration was created at the central level, to ensure that food products being sold in the Indian marketplace would adhere to a set of guidelines and regulations at any given time. 


Overview Of FSSAI Registration for FBO

Food is a vital sector for our economy, being an essential commodity for life. Everyone needs it. It is a well-settled rule that the demand for an item gives rise to business opportunities. Thus, many petty food manufacturers like Hawkers, a temporary stallholder or itinerant vendor or a small FBO carrying out its business within the state and having an annual turnover below 12lacs. All these businesses need to register themselves with FSSAI before the commencement of their business. Food registration is mandatory for these petty food manufacturers and small FBOs to regulate the quality of food products and ensure that FBOs could provide healthy, wholesome and hygienic food to all.

FSSAI Registration: The Food registration is the basic registration with FSSAI of a FBO. It is required by petty food manufacturers or the FBO having a turnover of less than Rs 12 Lakhs unless the FBO is covered under mandatory state or central licencing. 

Food registration, once granted, shall be valid for the period opted at the time of making an application. The FBO may opt for a validity period from one year to five years. On successful grant of food registration, the Registering Authority shall issue the FSSAI Registration Certificate and a photo identity card. These need to be displayed at a place visible to all coming to the vehicle or cart or premises or any other place where the person carries on sale/manufacture of food in Petty Food Business. Once an FBO gets a registration certificate from FSSAI, it can start its business in compliance with the conditions mentioned in the registration certificate. Every FBO granted a registration certificate must follow general hygienic and sanitary practices.

How We Help!

Applicability Check

The Setindiabiz team will help you check your eligibility regarding your requirement of food registration or Food Licence



Once eligibility is finalised, our experts will help you with documentation.


Application filing

We will file an online application after receiving a complete set of documents duly signed by the concerned person and provide you with a reference number to track the application status


Track Status of Application:

We will tracking the status of the application till its disposal by the food registering authority

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Step Wise Process for Grant of FSSAI Registration

Documentation & Drafting

Once it is determined that you need food registration. The Setindiabiz team will provide you with a list of documents. Based on the requirement setindiabiz team will help you with draft documents for the necessary signature.

Online Application Filing

The online filing will be made by filing Form-A at the online portal of FoSCoS. In this course, we will interact with you for OTP.


Payment of Government Fee

Once the application is filled and the documents are uploaded in the document section, the payment of the registration fee is made, and a reference number is generated. It is a temporary number to track the status of the application.


Track status of FSSAI Application

The applicant can track the status of the application online. Usually, licencing authorities grant registration within seven days of the application filing, but if they opine for inspection of premises, it will delay the grant of Food registration. On inspection, registering authority may raise the clarification in the application requiring modification, addition or deletion in the application.


Reply to Clarification

The reply to clarification must be filed within 30 days from the date when raising clarification. If not, this will lead to refusal of the application, and a new application needs to be filed. There is no process of refunding the fee. The Setindiabiz team will coordinate with you at the time of such clarification to resolve the same.


Grant of Registration

On approval of the application, the Registration Certificate and photo ID Card will be issued to the applicant, which has to be displayed at a conspicuous place at the food business premises. Registration certificate has a photo FBO, Q.R. code and 14 digits FSSAI registration number that starts with numeric


Timeline for Grant of FSSAI Registration

Timeline for grant of Registration Certificate after making an application with the registration authority will depend on whether the registration authority wants to inspect the applicant’s premise. The timelines are as under:
Documents Required for FSSAI Registration
The applicant of a food registration could be a proprietorship firm or any other entity like Private Limited Company, LLP, Partnership Firm, Trust/Society etc. The documentation will vary as per the type of applicant, kindly select the appropriate application type to display the List of documents required.

List of Documents for FSSAI Registration By

A. Company DocumentsB. Documents of Directors & Nominee
  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. MOA & AOA
  3. PAN Card
  4. List of Directors
  5. Board Resolution
  6. Form IX: Nomination Form
  7. List of Food Products
  1. Government Issued Photo Identity Card
  2. Address Proof
  3. Email ID & Mobile Mo (For OTP)
  4. Educational Qualification
C. Proof of Address of Food Business
  1. Sale Deed/ Rent agreement, and
  2. Electricity Bill Not Older than two months
Note: A nominee is a person responsible for the compliances of Food laws, their rules, and regulations, for the Food Business.
Validity of FSSAI Registration
A Food Registration, once granted, shall be valid for a period of 1 to 5 years as chosen by the Food Business Operator unless suspended or cancelled by the Licencing Authority. The period of validity is counted from the date of issue of the food registration certificate. It can be renewed for a further period, a maximum of five years, at one time not later than 30 days before the expiry of the validity of the registration certificate. There is no late fee in the renewal of registration as per the FSSAI notification dated 10th June 2014.
Penalty Under FSSAI
All the FBO, irrespective of their scale of operation, kind of food business including home-based kitchens manufacturing food and bakery products whose annual turnover is less than 12 lacs is required to take food registration before the commencement of food business. If the FBO is not registered, a fine up to Rs 5 lacs and imprisonment of 6 months could be imposed depending upon the offences committed by it. The punishment or penalty will vary depending upon the scale of operation and the nature of offences. The offences and the fine prescribed is as under
For Non Registration
5 Lacs & Imprisonment of 6 Months may be imposed
Sub standard food
Rs 5 Lacs
Misbranded food- The food product that bears the wrong label, tag, brand, or notice under providing misleading information regarding the composition, kind, quality or grade of the food products is called misbranded food..
Rs 3 Lacs
Unsafe food which does not result in injury
Imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months combined with fine which may be upto Rs 1lac.

Eligibility for FSSAI Registration

Petty Food Manufacturer must apply for Registration / Renewal of Registration under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. The condition laid down to fall under the definition of Petty Food Manufacturer is as under:
  1. Sells or manufactures any article of food himself or temporary stall holder or a petty retailer, hawker, itinerant vendor o; or distributes foods including in any religious or social gathering except caterers or
  2. Average annual turnover is less than 12 lacs and/or
  3. FBO engages in manufacturing or processing
  4. Production capacity of food (other than meat and meat products and milk and milk products )does not exceed 100 kg/ltr per day.
  5. Procurement or handling and collection of milk up to 500 litres of milk per day or2.5MT solid milk p.a.
  6. Slaughtering capacity for animals is two large animals or ten small animals or 50 poultry birds per day or less.


The FSSAI is a governmental body tasked with ensuring food safety in India. The FSSAI registration was created at the central level, to ensure that food products being sold in the Indian marketplace would adhere to a set of guidelines and regulations at any given time. In other words, the main goal of an FSSAI registration was to ensure public health, through a mechanism of regulation and supervision of food safety in the country. The department issues licenses to various businesses on the basis of an FSSAI fee. The FSSAI fee is paid at the time of registration, and the subsequent number issued is printed on their product or mentioned in a prominent place, for the general public.


The term FSSAI is an acronym for ‘Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’.

The purpose of setting up the FSSAI department was in very simple words, for the sake of efficiency and simplicity of the food safety registration and regulation in India. It became apparent that as time passed by, there was a clear need for the creation of a body to regulate the food safety oversight across Indi

The FSSAI is a centralized organization, with several sub-divisions operating throughout the country. Heads of the state sub-divisions are appointed by the main FSSAI body, seated in Delhi. The main department in turn, is headed by a non-executive Chairperson, who is appointed directly by the central government. Appointments for the post are done by officials of the central government, who either hold or have held positions that are not below the rank of Secretary to the Government of India.

The FSSAI is currently engaged with raising awareness among the general public and businesses on the subject of food safety. In addition to this, it is also slowly starting to branch out into the subject of creating a system of training programs, with the help of various accredited organizations and universities. This is however in the initial stages and will take some time before being fully implemented. The process will probably take a few years to be fully implemented across the country. The details of the same can be found though the FSSAI online portal. Do note that these are some of the most important FAQs with regard to the FSSAI in India. There are certainly plenty more such FAQs as well, based on your unique doubts and requirements. Depending on these, you should be able to clarify your doubts about the system, 

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